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Cloud Backup

Monitored backup for desktops, laptops and servers

Enable automatic backups and anywhere, anytime recovery with Computer FX Cloud Backup. With disk-to-disk solutions available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems; Our Backup provides private and business users with cutting-edge, simple, reliable and secure data protection.

Using an Attix5 Pro solution, you can back up critical data from workstations and servers, across physical and virtual platforms, to a secure off-site data center, while we provide on-going monitoring of your backups.

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Automatic backup scheduling eliminates risk

Up-to-the-minute backup schedules enable automatic and regular backups without user intervention, eliminating the highest risk posed to the backup process — human error.

Intelligent file inclusion and exclusion

Control which files and folders are backed up and restored using a range of selection tools. These include filters and profiling features that enable administrators to enforce backup selections. Controlled backup selection facilitates rapid, transparent backups, even over low-speed connections.

Fully scalable, grows with your business

Flexible architecture provides you with multiple deployment options and caters for multiple workstation specifications and operating systems, enabling the solution to grow with your business or personal network environment.

Anywhere, anytime recovery

Recover critical data in seconds from the user's workstation or remotely. Clients can select data to restore and data to exclude from the restore process, and then initiate recovery themselves, without the need for technical assistance.


Storage Space Price Per GB
10 GB £5.99 pm 59.9p
20 GB £9.49 pm 47.5p
30 GB £12.99 pm 43.3p
40 GB £16.49 pm 41.2p
50 GB £19.99 pm 39.9p
60 GB £23.49 pm 39.1p
70 GB £26.99 pm 38.5p
80 GB £30.49 pm 38.1p
90 GB £33.99 pm 37.7p
100 GB £37.49 pm 37.5p
100 GB+ Bespoke pricing available, please call 01653 64500

All prices exclude VAT.

Please read our Cloud Backup Terms of Use.

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Top ten reasons to use online data backup

  1. Ease of use
    The simple set and forget features of the software mean that you simply choose what you want backed up and up and when. On demand or on a set schedule your data is automatically sent to our two data centers.
  2. Cost
    Full data protection for a predictable monthly cost. Compared with other backup solutions such as tape, online data backup is very cost effective. There are no initial costs for hardware or setup and the price reduces the more your data grows.
  3. Support
    Management of the data backup process, changing times or data selection can be done easily by the user. We monitor the infrastructure meaning that no maintenance is required.
  4. Compliance
    As part of a business continuity plan the online backup service can help to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and data protection regulations.
  5. Time management
    Data is backed up incrementally. This means that backup windows are reduced considerably. The automated schedule frees up your time and therefore boosts productivity.
  6. Security
    Two copies of your data are protected by a military level encryption key known only to you. They are then stored off site in our two, state of the art, data centers.
  7. Data Recovery
    The software allows you to retrieve single files or a full restore, from anywhere with an internet connection. You can restore files you need to work on immediately and easily, reducing downtime in the event of a disaster.
  8. Scalability
    As your business data grows we can increase the limit on your account, quickly and easily, without the need for buying additional hardware, just a simple increase to your monthly invoice.
  9. Suitable for all
    Our disk to disk solutions provide fully encrypted backup, storage and recovery, ensuring the highest levels of data protection for SOHOs, SMEs and enterprises.
  10. Mobility
    The backup software is perfect for mobile users as it allows them to backup whilst on the move from anywhere with an internet connection – rather than waiting for them to come into the office.

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