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What you can expect with a domain from Computer FX

Expert support

No call centers, no waiting on hold - we're a small company with expert friendly staff who will help you with any questions or problems.

Cutting edge security

Our servers are based in the UK and have round the clock support with the latest software so you don’t need to worry about your site’s security.

Huge range of domain names

There is a vast selection of domain names to pick from so you can find the right one for your business or project.

Make the most of your name

Once you've picked your domain we can help you combine it with Web Hosting, professional Email Hosting and more to boost your online presence.

Here's some helpful advice on choosing your domain name...

Keep it short

Think about how your domain name will be shown in print or given verbally. Shorter domains are easier to remember and reduce the risk of misspellings.

Stick to letters

To avoid confusion, stick with just letters. Numbers can be awkward to explain - is it a numeric value or the full spelling?

Keep it simple

Stick to words that are easy to spell and have clear meaning. If it’s not possible to use an easier name, register multiple domains that cover misspellings.

No special characters

You can’t use most special characters such as underscores or exclamation points. Hyphens can be used but not as the first or last character.

Need help?

We're always happy to help and advise. Just give us a call on 01653 64500 or drop us a message on Facebook.