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Email Terms of Use

This policy is subject to change, so please check regularly for updates. This policy is in addition to Computer FX Web Services General Terms & Conditions.

  1. Size of mailbox
    1. Each mailbox has a storage quota. This is in place to protect Your account and others from potentially large volumes of email sent to a single address that could materially affect the email system server. Additional storage can be purchased. It is the mailbox owner's responsibility to ensure that his/her mailbox does not reach its allocated level. Computer FX cannot be responsible for email lost due to full mailboxes. You can check Your mailbox size from Your control panel.
  2. Service availability
    1. Computer FX monitors the server as a whole but does not monitor individual mailboxes. The Exchange server uses SMTP, a "store-and-forward" email protocol, to deliver outbound messages. This protocol does not guarantee immediate delivery of email messages. By default, the Exchange server makes a delivery attempt every ten minutes three times; after that the server will attempt message delivery every fifteen minutes. If there is no successful delivery attempt within twelve hours, a delay notification will be emailed to the sender. If there is no successful delivery attempt within two days, the message will be returned to the sender.
  3. Security
    1. Computer FX makes every reasonable effort to ensure mailbox security at all times. We do this through a combination of various network security policies, load balancing and redundant systems. We make every reasonable effort to ensure the integrity of data on Computer FX systems. On the rare occasions where there may be a problem with specific mailbox data, it is the mailbox owner's responsibility notify to Computer FX. We cannot guarantee to restore data and we accept no liability for the loss of any such data.
  4. Mailbox and Public Folder storage capacity
    1. Each standard email account is allotted a storage capacity equal 2GB. It is possible to purchase additional storage space for standard mailboxes however if you reach your limit We recommend upgrading to an Office 365 account.
    2. Each Office365 email mailbox account is allotted an aggregated storage capacity initially equal to 50GB. This storage capacity is shared among all mail and public folders within Your account. For an additional fee, You may increase Your account storage capacity at any time.
  5. Anti-virus checking
    1. Computer FX installs anti-virus software on its email servers for all standard mailboxes. This software is configured to check messages coming into the email server. If a virus is detected, the message is deleted. No notification is sent to either recipient or sender of the message. Messages sent between mailboxes on the Computer FX platform are not checked.
    2. Office 365 mailboxes use anti-virus in-built into the Microsoft Office 365 platform and is not within the control of Computer FX.
  6. Anti-SPAM message filtering
    1. Computer FX runs anti-SPAM software on its email servers for all standard mailboxes. You can determine the levels of spam protection from within Your control panel.
    2. Computer FX also runs anti-SPAM software on outbound email from all mailboxes, and reserves the right to mark or delete any messages determined to be SPAM.
  7. Use of email account
    1. If Computer FX identify a mailbox or domain that is causing problems; we will either remove the offending mailboxes or change their settings to resolve the issue. In extreme cases, we will disable email or suspend all Services to the domain as appropriate.
    2. For details of what is not allowed by Computer FX and Computer FX spam/ illicit material policies please see Computer FX Acceptable Use Policy.
  8. Email quotas
    1. Computer FX operate a mail quota system on outgoing emails sent through our standard POP and IMAP email mailboxes as follows:-
      1. 30 messages per hour from any one email account,
      2. 50 messages per hour from any one domain name,
      3. 100 messages per hour from any one subscription.