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PC Service Contract Terms and Conditions

Read this document carefully. By signing up to our PC Service Contract, as defined below, you acknowledge that you have read this contract and you agree to be bound by it. These terms are in addition to Computer FX Web Services General Terms & Conditions and our Cloud Backup Terms of Service.

  1. Definitions
    1. "Computer FX / Us / Our" means Computer FX Limited and any associated group companies with registered office at 13 Yorkersgate, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7AA, company number 722162469.
    2. "Package" means a collection of services provided by Computer FX as part of a PC Service Contract.
    3. "Prices" means the Prices for the services set out in order form or as otherwise notified to You.
    4. "You/Your/End User" means the person or company who purchases services from Computer FX.
    5. "Device" means the item of hardware as described in your Package. This usually means a desktop or laptop PC or tablet.
    6. "Cloud Backup Service" means the product provided by Computer FX and refers to the action of backing up your selected data to a remote server using the Backup Software.
    7. "Storage Platform" means the ATTIX 5 Storage Platform.
    8. "Cloud Backup" means the collection of stored data on the Storage Platform.
    9. "Backup Software" mean the software package, ClinkClick Attix5 Pro, installed by Computer FX on the client computer for the purpose of administering the backup service.
  2. Description of service
    1. A PC service contract is a contract between Computer FX and You to provide support and related services to you as described in the Package you choose.
    2. Telephone advice includes calling us during working hours to ask for advice on your Device. Advice can be given during our normal opening hours.
    3. In-store advice includes You coming into our store during working hours either with or without your Device for help and advice from one of our engineers. Some issues may not be able to be solved without seeing the Device. If you bring your Device in-store we will attempt to solve any problems while you wait but on occasion your may need to leave it with us for further investigation.
    4. All our service contracts include a priority service meaning your Device will be looked at as soon as possible, usually immediately.
    5. If software is included with your service contract option, we will install this as required and maintain it for as long as your service contract is active.
    6. If monitored backup is included with your service contract option, we will install Backup Software to allow the backup to take place. This service is provided by our Cloud Backup Service and data is held on our ATTIX 5 Storage Platform and encrypted. This service is also covered by our Cloud Backup Terms of Service.
    7. If in-store repair labour costs are included with your service contract option we will cover all labour costs associated with the repair of your Device. This does NOT include the cost of any parts required to complete the repair. If repair is not possible we will advice you of replacement options.
  3. Labour Costs
    1. Inclusive labour costs are limited to work that is able to be carried out by Computer FX staff on our premises or at your home or place of business.
    2. Any external labour costs incurred during work will be payable by You at the time of collection or delivery of your Device.
    3. Where external labour costs are required we will always seek your permission to continue prior to any work being carried out.
  4. On-site Service
    1. If your Package includes "Discounted" on-site service, you will pay a reduced hourly rate.
    2. Inclusive on-site hours in your Package can be used together or in one hour blocks. They can not be split into partial hours.
    3. If more inclusive hours are required you will be charged at our standard hourly rate.
    4. Inclusive on-site hours can be used in Your current monthly billing cycle and can not be carried over to the following month.
    5. On-site service includes travel to your site within TWENTY MILES of Our premises in Malton. Additional charges may be uncured for further distances.
    6. Same day service will take place during normal working ours Monday to Friday only. No on-site service is carried out on bank holidays or weekends.
    7. While we en devour to always provide our same day service this is not guaranteed and it may not be possible during exceptionally busy times.
    8. Same day service must be booked by phone before 1pm. Bookings recived after this time will be booked for the following working day in accordence with 4.6.
  5. Fees and Charges
    1. You will be liable to pay the monthly costs for your chosen PC Service Contract monthly in advance.
    2. Payment can only be by monthly Direct Debit with the exception of the first payment which can be paid in person at the time of taking out the PC Service Contract.
    3. First payment will be requested by Direct Debit on the day the PC Service Contract begins or, where the initial payment has been made in person, the Direct Debit payment will be made one calendar month from the date of the first payment.
    4. All PC Service Contracts carry a minimum term of THREE MONTHS.
    5. Where backup is provided additional storage space is available at an additional monthly cost.
    6. Backup Software is provided at no additional cost an can remain in use while the period of PC Service Contract is valid as set out on your invoice.
    7. Prices may change at any time but you will be notified by email and will have the option to cancel, even if you are in your three month minimum period.
  6. Undertakings and Acknowledgments
    1. Computer FX undertakes to use its reasonable endeavors to provide the You with all parts of your selected PC Service Contract for the duration of the Service.
    2. On occasions, during busy times we may not be able to provide you with an immediate service, however your requirements will be made a priority and we will en devour to complete any work in a timely manor.
    3. Computer FX will monitor Your backup status and notify you if any problems become apparent. This does not replace Your responsibility to check that the Backup Software is performing the Cloud Backup as per the backup schedule specified in the Backup Software.
    4. Although Computer FX uses reasonable care and diligence to ensure that the Cloud Backup Services are available, accurate, complete, correct, error-free, secure, up-to-date and/or reliable, Computer FX does not warrant, represent or in any way guarantee, either expressly or by implication that the Cloud Backup Services are available, accurate, complete, correct, error-free, secure, up-to-date and/or reliable. Computer FX furthermore does not warrant, represent or in any way guarantee, either expressly or by implication the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the Cloud Backup Services. The Cloud Backup Services accordingly are rendered "as is" and "as available" and are used at Your own discretion and risk.
    5. The following circumstances and/or events may impact upon the Your use of Cloud Backup Services and further that these circumstances and/or events are beyond Computer FX's control:
      1. use of Cloud Backup Services by other customers;
      2. the Internet;
      3. limitations upon national and/or international bandwidth capacity;
      4. telecommunication service operator failures, which include telecommunication links and line failures;
      5. mobile telecommunication service operator failures;
      6. mobile network failures;
      7. operating systems;
      8. access technology failures;
      9. quality of service of telecommunication links or lines;
      10. any action, omission and/or failure by You or Your systems, software, network and/or equipment which has an impact on Cloud Backup Services; and any other action, omission and/or failure not within Computer FX's control which has an impact on Cloud Backup Services.
  7. Amendments to the Service
    1. Should You be allowed by Computer FX to make any amendments to its Cloud Backup Services online, then the Web Services General Terms and Conditions, including this document shall apply automatically to such amendments, irrespective whether You have agreed to it at the time or not.
    2. Amendments to any part of the PC Service Contract must be submitted by email or in writing.
    3. You may, at any time, upgrade your PC Service Contract to one of an equivalent or higher value. However you may not downgrade during the first three months of the PC Service Contract.
  8. Installation
    1. All software or hardware installations must be performed by Computer FX staff either by remote access or directly on the hardware in store or at the Your premises.
    2. Although Computer FX shall use the necessary skill and diligence when attending to the performance of any functions/tasks contemplated in clause 6.4 it shall be done at the Your own risk.
  9. Your Data
    1. No guarantee of data integrity is offered or should be assumed. Computer FX can not be held responsible for any loss of data on your Device during or following actions performed as part of your PC Service Contract.
    2. In the event of data loss either due to human error or hardware failure, Computer FX can be commissioned, for a fee, to help with the recovery of data from that Device. Fees are agreed on a case by case basis at the time requested.
    3. Although Computer FX shall use the necessary skill and diligence when attending to the restoration of your data, such restoration shall be done at the Your risk and Computer FX does not guarantee that such restoration shall be successful.
  10. Termination
    1. Upon termination of your PC Service Contract and/or the termination of any license for any reason whatsoever, whichever is applicable, and You shall immediately cease any use of software provided by the PC Service Contract, which shall include the devices, any Backup Software, Cloud Backup restoration data and other related software. You shall ensure that any Backup Software shall be removed from the relevant devices(s).
    2. All data stored on the Storage Platform shall be deleted upon termination. You must ensure that all Your data is exported to Your own storage device and Computer FX shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for data and/or the loss thereof due to the termination.
    3. The minimum term of contract is THREE MONTHS. You may terminate your PC Service Contract during this time, however the remaining balance equivalent of three months at your selected rate shall be payable.
    4. ONE MONTH notification is required for termination of service.
    5. No refunds will be offered for part months.
    6. All data contained on our Storage Platform will be deleted with no possibility for recover at any time, even if you subsequently renew your PC Service Contract at a later date.